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2022-09-08 00:04:46





root@iZ23h4x1pxcZ:/opt/mdclub-theme-material# npm run build

> mdclub-theme-material@1.0.0 build /opt/mdclub-theme-material
> cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack --config build/

assets by path *.woff 598 KiB 7 assets
assets by path *.woff2 436 KiB 7 assets
assets by path *.svg 2.74 KiB
  asset 4a718302573d384b438f.svg 1.03 KiB [emitted] [immutable] [from: src/svg/weibo.svg] (auxiliary name: main)
  asset 0a3424f1a2cc42d9637f.svg 1 KiB [emitted] [immutable] [from: src/svg/twitter.svg] (auxiliary name: main)
  asset 4fb701ba006326e35129.svg 719 bytes [emitted] [immutable] [from: src/svg/facebook.svg] (auxiliary name: main)
assets by chunk 289 KiB (name: main)
  asset index.c3475f7d.js 195 KiB [emitted] [immutable] [minimized] (name: main) 2 related assets
  asset index.f6c1828c.css 93.7 KiB [emitted] [immutable] [minimized] (name: main) 1 related asset
asset 994575169312f0027615.png 2.16 KiB [emitted] [immutable] [from: src/static/image/following_empty.png]
Entrypoint main [big] 289 KiB (1000 KiB) = index.f6c1828c.css 93.7 KiB index.c3475f7d.js 195 KiB 5 auxiliary assets
orphan modules 1.01 MiB (javascript) 1.01 MiB (asset) 61.5 KiB (runtime) [orphan] 697 modules
runtime modules 747 bytes 4 modules
cacheable modules 167 KiB (css/mini-extract) 685 KiB (javascript) 2.74 KiB (asset)
  css modules 167 KiB
    modules by path ./src/components/ 36.6 KiB 15 modules
    modules by path ./src/pages/ 23.9 KiB 18 modules
    css ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[2].use[1]!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[2].use[2]!./node_modules/less-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[2].use[3]!./src/initializer/index.less 104 KiB [built] [code generated]
    css ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].use[1]!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].use[2]!./node_modules/highlight.js/styles/vs.css 640 bytes [built] [code generated]
    css ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].use[1]!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].use[2]!./src/vendor/highlight/vs2015-style.css 2.25 KiB [built] [code generated]
  modules by layer 685 KiB (javascript) 2.74 KiB (asset)
    modules by path ./node_modules/ 102 KiB 12 modules
    modules by path ./src/ 583 KiB (javascript) 2.74 KiB (asset)
      javascript modules 583 KiB 4 modules
      asset modules 126 bytes (javascript) 2.74 KiB (asset) 3 modules

WARNING in entrypoint size limit: The following entrypoint(s) combined asset size exceeds the recommended limit (244 KiB). This can impact web performance.
  main (289 KiB)

WARNING in webpack performance recommendations: 
You can limit the size of your bundles by using import() or require.ensure to lazy load some parts of your application.
For more info visit

webpack 5.64.4 compiled with 2 warnings in 24907 ms